Sunday, June 3, 2012

Lomo Wave! By Miraa Hussin & Amer C.

Yuhuu!! we meet again after a long time right?


Miraa Hussin have the cute blog...You guys see that banner..Cute right? The seduce me to enter this I enter it! But..thats not the reason why I enter..the main reason I enter this GA is prize that was given.Of course you also can join this GA! Directly go to Miraa's blog

You can won  WATERPROOF LOMO CAMERA! awwww!! thats cool right?! Whats special WATERPROOF LOMO CAMERA? Bcoz..its you can take pictures in the water and it does not require batteries.. Awesome right?! I know all of this dreams is to have this WATERPROOF LOMO CAMERA!This WATERPROOF LOMO CAMERA have various colours..such as purple,pink,blue and etc!  
 If you want more information about this..You can require from Mr Google! *wink wink*

Before that..Lets review this awesome prize! ^_^

 Apa yang anda masih tunggu tuh? Jomlah join GA nieyh skali..Apa kebanyakan orang selalu kata tuh..hmmm.. A'ah..Makin ramai orang,makin happening la!Jangan malu-malu ya teman2! 
You may join at Miraa's blog or Amer's blog

See ya guys! Thank you and Assalamualaikum! *wink wink* :D

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